Michael Becker or the Beauty of Geometry

Gold plates, titanium discs, dolomite rocks, severe, ascetic shapes, distinct lines: seldom is a first glance more deceptive than a casual observer seeing Michael Becker’s jewelry. Concealed behind the geometric severity and aesthetic perfection are poetry and passion, indeed a desire for beauty bordering on obsession.

You could also say that the visible severity is a consequence of a passionate urge to capture a cosmic disorder, while at the same time trying to tame this chaos, halting every movement while setting everything imaginable in motion. Static and dynamic are hardly opposites in the work of Michael Becker, no more than artificiality and nature.
He is a master of transitions, metamorphoses and transformations ‒ and it is no exaggeration to say that almost his entire work straddles the line between organization and unleashing energies.