Macro and micro perspectives

Approaching earth. Fissured mountain ridges, meandering river deltas or human settlements come into view as if from an altitude of 10,000 meters. Three-dimensional models of the earth or traces of cometary movements, metamorphoses of cosmic images and miniatures from outer space ‒ all of them topographies and by no means mere figments of the imagination.
Ever since his first brooches, with their spaces based on Palladio ground plans framed by gold foil, Michael Becker has been partial to the view from above: starting from way up high, approaching from a remote distance and putting giant land masses in miniature frames. Naturally, done in such a way that crude verism never comes to mind. These are no kitsch reproductions, nature scaled down or cutesified. On the contrary, the reliefs and folds, peaks and valleys re-emerge in the mind of the beholder. The jewelry piece, the blue or gray or green stones, lapis lazuli, gray dolomite or green granite, are perhaps catalysts, awakening images in our minds or eliciting a secret normally blocked from view.
What goes for stones and landscapes also applies to the threshold between rest and motion.